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Julie Benham
Remedial Massage is an effective treatment for a wide range of conditions and injuries that have an effect on the function of ligaments, tendons, muscles and joints.

Injury and overuse or poor posture can lead to imbalance in the soft tissue causing pain, tension and restriction in movement around joints. This then can have an effect on our everyday movement, activities and lifestyle.

Aromatherapy is a treatment combining massage with natural essential oils. The oils are an important part of the Aromatherapy treatment as they contain powerful therapeutic properties which help to bring about balance in the body's systems. When the body is out of balance, we feel unwell, either physically or emotionally or possibly both.

The Essential Oils are extracted from nature i.e. from herbs, plants, flowers and fruits. They have a variety of therapeutic uses and when used in Aromatherapy Massage they are utilised in the body helping to restore balance, strengthen the immune system and help to prevent future illness.

Essential Oils can have either Relaxing, Calming or Stimulating effects on the body and mind. It is the skill of the Aromatherapist in their choice of oils to create a suitable blend for treatment of a particular condition. At the end of an Aromatherapy treatment, generally you will feel more relaxed and revitalised with more energy to cope with every day life.