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Vibrational Remedies

These remedies are prepared in a Radionic Machine, which captures the essence, or vibration of the substances placed therein. These captured vibrations assist the physical body to heal, and also brings relief to the emotional self during times of worry, fear or stress. They are based on the energetic signatures of plants, minerals, gems, animals, birds, insects, fungi, bacteria, sea water, squid ink, sand, sunlight, moonlight, morning dew and many more, all from the abundance of Mother Nature and all known for their ability to heal.
They come from the traditions of herbalism, homeopathy, aromatherapy, crystal healing, flower remedies, energy medicine, colour healing, light healing, hands-on healing, distance healing, chakra healing, pranic healing, yogic healing and more – all of which are at the forefront of the irrefutable evidence in our technologies of the quantum, or vibrational reality of all things. This surely, cannot exclude the human body, mind or soul. Everything we see and experience as physical, also exists at the vibrational, or quantum level.
The remedies are completely safe for all sentient beings, from new-borns to great-grandparents.

Coaching - Creating a new mind and a new you

If you are red in the rainbow, which colour can’t you see? Red of course! Red, represents those thoughts and feelings which we often hold so very dear, and they are exactly the ones that can put us on the path towards the compromises to body, mind and soul.
In the coaching sessions, we work with The Seven Illuminations which enable individuals to look within and recognise what is going on. When we are in the knowledge of what we have created through our thinking, feeling and willing, we become illuminated as to what must change in order for us to live a healthier and happier life, a life that we can take hold of, and create anew.
Each Illumination, leads to a deeper and higher understanding of who we have been, and each one is a teaching about who we can become – a whole being, dedicated to becoming all we can be and living our highest potential, despite the challenges of day-to-day.

Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection

Reconnective Healing -

For the times when we simply need to surrender and allow help from Spirit

The Reconnection Process –

Connects us to our higher beings and our ultimate evolution.

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Theresa Caldwell