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Appointments can be most easily made by telephone, but if it is more convenient, they can be made as easily by dropping into the centre and making the necessary arrangements with our receptionists.

Outside of normal opening hours, messages can be left on our answerphone, and we will get back to you once the receptionists are available. There may be times within working hours when we are unable to answer the phone and the answerphone will be responding. At these times, we make every effort to respond within an hour.

Appointment times do vary, dependant on the therapy, and the availabilities of the practitioners, but the centre is open in the evenings for treatments up to 8.30 on weekdays, and every effort is made to accommodate patients' requirements in this regard.

Costs for treatments vary, and can be found by clicking on the relevant therapy or by selecting 'costs' above. In some cases, arrangements can be made for brief free consultations in which suitability of treatment can be discussed directly with the therapist concerned, but these are, of course, subject to availability.