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For current fees, please call the centre.

(Fees are subject to change)
Consultation/Treatment: £50 (1hr)
Traditional diagnosis (under 16's): £40

Subsequent treatment: £35 (1/2hr)

Subsequent treatment (under 16's): £25

(Fees are subject to change)
1 hour session: 40

(Fees are subject to change)
New patient initial consultation: £50
Follow up treatment: £35

Children (under 16):
New patient initial consultation: £40
Follow up treatment: £25

(Fees are subject to change)
Please phone for information.

Kinesiology with Stella Brookes
(Fees are subject to change)
60.00 for first treatment (including consultation)
- Allow 1.5 hours.

45.00 there after.
- Allow 1 hour.

60.00 Soul Journey
- Allow 2 hours.

(Fees are subject to change)
Consultation £50
Treatment: 35

(Fees are subject to change)
Consultation £50
Treatment: 35

Remedial Massage with Julie Benham
(Fees are subject to change)
All treatments are priced at the following price:
1 hour treatment: £43

£5 off your first treatment.
Book a course of 10 treatments and save.
Gift vouchers available.

(Fees are subject to change)
Free initial assessment
1 hour treatment: £35

All references to fees and services are subject to change without notice. It is recommended that for further information and to confirm
current fees that you contact the Centre on 0121 449 9515. All information is provided in good faith and is intended as a guide only.