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Kinesiology is an incredibly powerful and effective system of natural healing that uses gentle non invasive muscle testing to tap into your bodyís knowledge and understanding of its own processes and its astounding ability to heal itself.

Imagine the benefits gained if we could bypass the bodyís conscious mind; all its misperceptions, social pressures, belief systems etc and communicate directly with the systems that actually control the bodyís sub-conscious physical, mental and emotional processes in order to establish the root cause of your health issue. Imagine then that these subconscious systems - that know everything that has ever happened to you because they are running in the background all the time Ė telling you the safest and quickest way to get you back to optimum health.

Thatís exactly what a sensitive and experienced kinesiologist can do for you with muscle testing. Muscle testing is a gentle bio-feedback monitor that picks up any physical and/or emotional stress factors in the body.

Once the stress factors have been identified a range of gentle physical corrections or holistic treatments, as identified by the use of the same muscle monitoring techniques and then used to assist the body to heal itself. Very basically your body wisdom tells your kinesiologist what it needs in order to heal.

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Stella Brookes